[ 2018 – short film – dramedy ]​

A Boy and a Girl find themselves stuck on a playground with no electronic devices

and must rediscover how to play using their imaginations.


Mitchell Wray

Mitchell Wray

Ariel Trent.jpg

Ariel Trent


directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky

written by Eric Larner & Matt Aaron Krinsky

based on the play by Julianne Homokay

produced by Marco A. Elorreaga | Matt Aaron Krinsky | Julianne Homokay

executive producers Matt Aaron Krinsky | Ronald Waxman | Julianne Homokay | Steven Waxman

starring Mitchell Wray | Ariel Trent

director of photography Brieana Johnson

editor & sound designer Marco A. Elorreaga

associate producers Eric Larner | Ron Barnett

original music by Ron Barnett

featuring the song Thank You written & performed by N3wport

company credits Mogul Productions | North By South Theatre Los Angeles | GhettoRig Productions

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