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LAST Lists: a Musical

[ 2022 – stage musical (in development) – drama ]​

a new project from the playwright and director duo of PLAYDATE

Musically journey through a story depicting the duality of tragedy and comedy experienced

within a mother-daughter relationship as the parent's mind heartbreakingly deteriorates

from the torment of Alzheimer's disease.

based on the play Last Lists of My Mad Mother by Julie Jensen

music by Ron Barnett | lyrics by Julianne Homokay | book by Julie Jensen

Last Lists

This play is


For inquiries, please contact

lyricist Julianne Homokay

or director Matt Aaron Krinsky.


Ma cares about ribbons and bows, intransitive verbs, and keeping to her rigid schedule.  Dot uses a wicked sense of humor to sort out the tangle of her mother’s mind.  Together they struggle with Ma’s inevitable decline, while Sis phones in her advice from afar.  In and out of the sinewy webs of Ma’s fleeting awareness, retracing paths they have traveled countless times, Ma and Dot drive toward understanding and arrive with some sense of surprise at the destination of comfort.  


  • DOT: In her middle years, heavyset, with an easy sense of humor who finds herself in the middle of something not very funny

  • MA: In her declining years, thin and frail, used to having her way

  • SIS: Close to DOT’s age, positive, upbeat, an authority on everything

Musical Numbers:

  • Whirling White Whippets | DOT, MA

  • Puff and Sally | DOT, SIS

  • Grand Prize Winner | MA, DOT

  • When You’re Dyin' | DOT 

  • The Lunch Waltz | DOT, MA

  • Tip Her Over | DOT, SIS

  • The Lunch Waltz Reprise | MA

  • Deer On A Wire | DOT, MA

  • When You’re Walking Through the Canyon | DOT

  • In The Bin | DOT, SIS

  • Shepherd Of The Night | MA, DOT

  • Fly | ENSEMBLE

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