[ 2016, horror/thriller, digital, TRT 13:00 ]​

After seeing countless doctors who don't have any answers, Jennifer Ryan turns to her last resort.

What she finds out may haunt her forever.


Jennifer Nangle.jpg

Jennifer Nangle

Jennifer Farac.jpg

Jennifer Farac

Rhobye Wyatt.jpg

Rhobye Wyatt

Dyana Liu.jpg

Dyana Liu

Bella King.jpg

Bella King


directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky

written by Jennifer Nangle

produced by Jennifer Nangle

executive producers Jennifer Nangle | Jennifer Farac

starring Jennifer Nangle | Jennifer Farac | Rhobye Wyatt | Dyana Liu | Bella King

with Robin Shelby | Ryan Bartley | Christina Gray

director of photography Marco Elorreaga

editors Marco Elorreaga | Jennifer Nangle

make up by Haley Coats

stunt coordinator Tyler Vaughn

associate producers Ryan Bartley | Patricia Klous | Patricia J. Nangle | Roman Silberfeld | Helen Stringer

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