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[ 2019 – short film – dramedy ]​

A Boy and a Girl find themselves stuck on a playground with no electronic devices 

and must rediscover how to play using only their imaginations.

Mogul Productions, North By South Theatre & GhettoRig Productions presents

a film by Matt Aaron Krinsky | written by Eric Larner & Matt Aaron Krinsky | based on the play by Julianne Homokay

produced by Marco A. Elorreaga, Matt Aaron Krinsky & Julianne Homokay

starring Mitchell Wray & Ariel Trent

director of photography Brieana Johnson

original music by Ron Barnett

featuring the song Thank You written & performed by N3wport

Playdate Poster
Playdate Laurels
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Playdate has been acquired and is available for streaming on the IndieFlix platform.

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