[ 2021 – short film – drama ]​

Having only met a few times prior and tired after a long day of driving, brothers Sam and James enter their hotel room to discover there's only one bed. With no other lodging options on

the eve of James' father's funeral, the need to figure out a comfortable sleeping arrangement

forces these two young strangers to quickly become siblings.

Mogul Productions & GhettoRig Productions presents

a film by Matt Aaron Krinsky | written by and based on the play by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman 

produced by Marco A. Elorreaga & Matt Aaron Krinsky

starring Danny Helms & Julius Lambrecht

director of photography Sirtaj Bhangu

original music by Ron Barnett

featuring the song Between These Lies written & Performed by Ronnie Dennis

Brothers on a Motel Bed
Brothers on a Motel Bed