[ 2021 – feature film (in development) – dramedy ]​

a new project from the playwright and director duo of PLAYDATE

On the verge of drinking himself to death, Kier is given one last chance to make amends with

the sister he gave up for adoption, but only if he can survive an ill-fated intervention

lead by his estranged Priest brother.

Mogul Productions presents

a film by Matt Aaron Krinsky | written by Julianne Homokay

produced by Matt Aaron Krinsky & Julianne Homokay


Kier Connolly is slowly drinking himself to death. After emigrating from a small town in Ireland to South Boston – during the infamous Whitey Bulger days – his devout Roman Catholic family fell apart following the birth of his baby sister — his Ma ran off in a fit of psychotic depression, and his Da got himself killed in a bar brawl. At age 17, after putting his five-year-old sister up for adoption, Kier sacrificed his own life to raise his three younger brothers – Gabby, Mickey, Ronan – and give them a shot at a life outside the Old Colony Projects. But he raised the boys with an iron fist, leading to the eventual estrangement of Gabby and Mickey. Gabby left Boston for a Long Island lifestyle, while Mickey became a Priest in Los Angeles. Neither has been home in more than ten years, leaving youngest brother Ronan as Kier’s sole caretaker following Kier’s debilitating accident at his longshoreman job. This arrangement suits Ronan just fine, though, using it as the excuse to why he never made it out of Southie. Decades of nagging guilt for giving his sister away, worsened by the onset of dementia, have Kier hitting the bottle harder than ever. When Mickey suddenly returns home with a surprise guest on November 1st – the Catholic All Saints’ Day holiday – intent on getting Kier into rehab, all the old family tensions resurface, leading to one intervention gone seriously wrong.

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